A front to back direct experience along the operational value chain for internal and external clients “Yann is an energetic , change agent and dynamic leader who turns challenge into wins. He possesses a unique and essential combination of qualities to bring stakeholders together to achieve results.”

*extract from Linkedin

While ensuring that credit and market risks met: • The bank risk tolerance • The guidelines on regulatory capital / Basel II & III • The regulators guidance

  Eight years front to back experience


• Operations: Back Office & Middle Office

— Led the merger of 3 different methodologies & processes and procedures in the U.S.

— Transversal integration of Middle & Back Offices

— Focused on improving the client on-boarding process


• Human resources: ‘’the internal client’’

— Aligning HR strategy & processes with a focus on talent and retention programs - Compensation policy - Training programs & work shops

— Equity partner in consulting  / recruiting firm specializing in HR issues and financial services: - HR strategy and process- recruitment and development


• Finance department: Accounting – Tax – Budgets

— Monitoring of capital requirements

— Monitoring & presentation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual results with analysis versus budget and strategic plan

— Finalization of annual financial results and led the review with external auditors on a quarterly basis

— Implementation of daily and monthly management results, including RWA monitoring


• Information Technology

— Merging of three IT systems in the Americas & two IT systems in the UK with:

a) Rationalization of local IT systems and convergence to common standards
and practices

b) Re-alignment of investments to match local requirements


• Business management

— Delivery of new premises in both London & New York with new trading floors &
supporting infrastructure

— Local communication programs



  Chaired and Co-chaired UK and Americas local Credit and
Market Risk Committees & Controls

• Supervision of credit reviews ensuring that cost of risks remained under control

• Supervised the daily monitoring of market risk

• Development of stress scenario based on specific local activities



  Appreciation of regulatory issues in both the US & Europe, built around an effective relationship with local regulators

• Accountable to both US & UK regulators & registered with French regulator

• FINRA & FSA ‘’satisfactory pass’’ during on-going reviews

• Supervision of local compliance governance

• Co-chaired the ‘’Dodd Frank Act & Volker Rule Committee

• Member of the Institute of International Finance




• Ensured a seamless delivery of legal services with a more efficient organization
and a more efficient cost structure

• Represented the bank on any external legal actions