“Yann promoted collaboration across business lines to enhance growth and profitability of the U.S. business. He improved operational efficiencies of the platform while elevating the profile of Natixis in the 
U.S. marketplace.” *

*extract from Linkedin

  25+ years of extensive financial markets and management experience with
a multi-disciplinary approach


  An international experience built from front to back focusing on clients and results


  A hands-on experience with:


• Completion of the US turnaround of Natixis CIB Americas , which followed 4 years in London, building and developing the local platform whilst leading the merger of the two banks into an integrated Investment banks


• Working over 20 years in front activities in all aspect of debt, structured finance and
market products focusing on client relationship management


• As CEO of the UK and Americas platforms, handling both front and support function responsibilities


• Acquiring extensive expertise in the management of credit & risk controls and regulatory issues both U.S. and Europe.