Strong client relationship management skills

Excellent relationships with borrowers & investors in the US, Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and to a lesser extent Asia

• Over 10 years of local coverage responsibility in both London and New York.

• Over 15 years of direct origination & distribution experience


  Proven track record in building, developing & managing multi-business platforms
     with a hands on leadership style

• Built, developed and managed a successful US high yield & credit platform and an F/X distribution platform

• Led, as CEO of both the UK and the Americas platforms, the successful development  & management of Fixed Income Currency and Commodities (FICC), equity derivatives & structured finance

• Developed and managed the local coverage function with a clear focus on key clients / sectors under one consolidated organizational structure

• Built, developed and managed several successful distinct DCM and credit platforms (the following quotes extracted from various financial press sources):

— ‘’Most improved investment bank and in particular through its improved U/W performance’’

— ‘’The highest climber of all which leaps 30 places much of its success is due to improved underwriting and trading performances in Bonds ‘’

— ‘’The most improved U/W & trading performances’’

— ‘’The most improved on the strength of gains made in Eurobond ‘’

— ‘’The most improved dealer and a top three performer for a number of leading issuers’’


  Clear focus on achieving results

• Built up a US platform contributing 20%+ share of the overall CIB results

• Delivered on-going NBI growth, improved RBE and rising EVA from 2004 to mid 2012

• Improved cost income ratio through extensive cost control program

• Pursued aggressive balance sheet rotation and RWA reduction

• Focused on cross selling strategy to enhance customer value

• Regularly achieved or exceeded both qualitative and quantitative targets for the various capital market platforms

• Improved cost income ratio below 50% through the optimization of processes & activities and the reduction of expenses by 20% p.a. from 2009 and 8% from 2012


  Successful turnaround & change management:

•  Led the successful merger and integration of both front, control & support functions of the three US entities & two UK entities into one integrated CIB organization

• Implemented locally the firm’s repositioning strategy (2009) and aligned the business models

• Achieved a full turnaround from a 2008 loss situation to a return to profitability from 2009 and subsequent years for the Americas platform

• Implemented the ‘’originate to distribute’’ local strategy and balance sheet rotation


  Facilitates development of a positive and proactive work culture

• Led the successful 2009-2010 integration of three separate entities in the US and the 2006-2007 integration of two separate entities in the UK each with different cultures and business models

• Promote on-going communication & collaboration  and an open door policy

• Launched a unified executive governance

• Led the creation of working groups to address staff issues


‘’Yann is a very energetic CEO who has a strong 
Anglo–Saxon entrepreneurial culture. He succeeded in combining forces between different teams coming from different entities/culture. 
Yann has a deep knowledge 
of the debt capital markets business and he is 
always client driven.’’ *

*extract from Linkedin